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Must have software's for your cell phone
mig33              - for free phone calls and sms
Opera mini        -for cheap and fast internet browsing
Google mobile    -to read your mails of gmail account
Yahoo mobile    -to have yahoo services in your mobile
getjar.com     -to have free software's for your phone
Nokia website -to have support for your nokia handset
Sony ericsson -to have support for your ericsson phone



#  fun sms

  • ki din aise re, batas boitase, pakhi gaan gaitase, goru ghash khaitase, genius ra sms send kortase, ar bolodera  sms portase.
  • Husbend said dhukse? wife said haa dhukse, hus: betha pao? wife na, hus: aram lage? wife uuuum. hus: tahole cholo ar na ghure ai juta ta kine ney.
  • I know why I am single, my parents-in-law were not able to have kids...
  • I like to compare you with a nice cold glass of beer, beautiful colour, perfect taste, really perfect and when the glass is empty i just take the next one!
  • A girl phoned me the other day and said..."Come on over, there's nobody home." I went over. Nobody was home
  • At dis moment in time 10 million people r having sex.5 million people r drinking coffee.100 million people r sleeping & 1 stupid fool is reading my text! pass on
  • The rain makes all things beautiful.The grass & flowers 2. If rain makes all things beautiful why doesn’t it rain on you?
  • i want u 2 know dat our friendship means alot 2 me.U cry i cry.U lauf i lauf.U jump out of da window... I look down & den... i lauf again
  • 20% of the population is now drinking coffee, 60% is having sex, 19% is watching television and one yokel is now holding his mobile in his hand
  • A woman likes to have four animals in the house: a jaguar in front of the doorway, a fox in the closet, a bull in bed, and a numbskulll to pay for this all.
  • Be friendly with your kids, they choose your home when you are old!
  • True love is like a pillow U could HUG it when u r in trouble U could CRY on it when u r in pain U could EMBRACE it when u r happy Want True Love? Spend Rs.50 BUY A PILLOW
  • Dictionary is da only place where death comes before life, success before work, & divorce before marriage. but the Best part is Friend comes before relatives :)
  • Three dreams of a man: To be as handsome as his mother thinks. To be as rich as his child believes. To have as many women as his wife suspects
  • Husband asks, do you know the meaning of WIFE. It means… Without Information fighting every time! WIFE says No, it means - With Idiot For Ever
  • I have a confession to make ever since I met u its been hard for me to 4get u every night I see u in my dreams and find myself shouting GHOST GHOST !!!
  • Wrote your name on the sands.....It got washed away,i wrote your name in air....It got blown away,so i write your name in my heart...I got heart attack!!!
  • Hey listen......Two people were asking Me about you, I give them ur address And cell no,They will b visiting u soon,Their names r joy n happiness.
  • it takes 15 trees 2 produce d amount of paper dat we use 2 write in 1 exam. join us in promoting d noble coz of saving treez.....say NO 2 exams:-)
  • Roses r red violets r blue. Monkeys like u should kept in a zoo Don't get angry because u will find me there too. Not in a cage but laughing at you
  •  Dear customer, U r not using ur SmS service properly.Ur sim will be deactivated soon.To avoid this,urgently reply with a cute SmS to the sender. Sndr's watng?
  • I'd love to take u out 4 dinner, make u sit beside the candle light, shower u with roses and utter those 3 magical words in ur ear "PAY THE BILL
  • Once Upon a Time, Something happened to me. It was the sweetest thing that ever could be. It was a fantasy, a dream come true it was the day I met you.
  • Girls are like phones, we like to be held and talked too, but if you press the wrong button you'll be disconnected!
  • We will now upgrade your brain, please wait....Searching....searching...still searching....sorry,NO BRAIN found...!



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