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Bangla typing - Bengali typing Guide

Requirements to view this article

This article contains UNICODE characters with glyphs. Not all browser supports this. Please use Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 or later (Version 6 recommended) to read the article.

You also need Microsoft Vrinda font to be installed on your system. Download this font from here

Bangla typing is a crap, is it? Then you have not checked out the latest version of Avro Keyboard. You cannot even imagine how far the methods of Bangla typing have gone. The new version of Avro Keyboard supports Phonetic typing method, automatic vowel forming and old style reph. Read out the following article about how it works.

Phonetic typing: There is nothing to memorize here. You have to type just the way you pronounce a word. Think how do you pronounce the word “মেডিকেল”, if you break the words in syllables, it would be –
ম্ + এ + ড্ + ই + ক্ + এ +ল্ ”. This is the natural way of phonetic Bangla typing. 

So, to type “মেডিকেল”, you have to type
ম + ‍ে + ড + ‍ি + ক + ‍ে +ল”.

Notice that you have to type all Bangla kar/matra/short form of vowels after consonants. This is it-

To type

You have to type

কা ক + ‍া
কি ক + ‍ি
কী ক + ‍ী
কু ক + ‍ু
কূ ক + ‍ূ
কৃ ক + ‍ৃ
কে ক + ‍ে
কৈ ক + ‍ৈ
কো ক + ‍ো
কো ক + ‍ৌ

Typing Bangla full form of vowels: Use Link + Bangla kar/matra/short form of vowel to produce a full form of vowel form. Example -

To type

You have to type

Link + ‍া
Link + ‍ি
Link + ‍ী
Link + ‍ু
Link + ‍ূ
Link + ‍ৃ
Link + ‍ে
Link + ‍ৈ
Link + ‍ো
Link + ‍ৌ

Note: In some cases, you don't need to use the Link key. Read the following section "Automatic vowel forming"

Automatic vowel forming: Now you know that you always have to type Bangla kar/matra/short form of vowel after consonants. Based on this rule, Avro Keyboard uses Automatic vowel forming. When you type Bangla kar/matra/short form of vowel -->

  1. On the beginning of a word
  2. After a vowel
  3. After a kar/matra/short form of vowel
  4. After any punctuation mark (! , | ; : ‘  “ . etc)
  5. After brackets
  6. After any English typing…..

a full form of Bangla vowel will be generated automatically. This excellent feature can dramatically increase your Bangla typing speed as there is no need to type the Link key on the above cases. Just do some practice and you will understand how it works.

Typing Bangla Banjonborno/consonants: All Bangla Banjonborno/consonants are placed in the keyboard layouts. There is no special instruction here.

Typing Bangla Juktakkhar/Yuktakkhar/conjuncts: Use the Hasanta/Halant to type Bangla Juktakkhar/Yuktakkhar/conjuncts.
Example :

To type

You have to type

ক্ক ক + ‍্ + ক
ক্ট ক + ‍্ + ট
ক্ত ক + ‍্ + ত
ক্ষ ক + ‍্ + ষ

Typing Bangla Reph: Although in UNICODE based phonetic Bangla typing reph should be typed before a consonant, this may be seemed peculiar to the users. So, Avro Keyboard uses a special reph moving algorithm which moves the reph before a consonant when typed later. That is to type আর্ক, use + + Reph, instead of + Reph +


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